In core mandate

Nigeria State Health Investment Project: Results-based financing

In line with the directives of the World Bank; the National Primary Health Care Development Agency; the Federal Ministry of Health; the Ondo State Ministry of health and the Ondo State Primary Health Care Board, the Ondo State HMB have been working endlessly to ensure the strengthening of our General and State Specialist Hospitals to provide effective and efficient referral services to our health Centre’s.

These are being implemented by

  • Supervision of at least once per quarter of minimum of 50% of all secondary health facilities.
  • Conduct at least two Monthly Meetings with Results-Based Facilities Hospitals during the past quarter.
  • At least one half hour training on one specific topic, during the monthly Hospital staff meetings.
  • Production of monthly hospital Health Management Information System(HMIS) report which must be entered in the HMIS database and Report Printed
  • Production of monthly Activity Calendar which must be made available.
  • Participation in the Quarterly LGA Performance-Based Financing (PBF) Steering Committee Meetings.
  • Quarterly Quality Performance Evaluation of all PBF hospitals must be carried out..

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